The intentions of the Week of Culture can be condensed into a few simple words: to make Cammarata a cosmopolitan city ; the country has the potential to become a crossroads of culture, flavors and traditions from the world and beyond . Interculturality, in fact, represents one of the cornerstones of these days dedicated to art in all its nuances (dance, music, literature, fashion, etc.) inserted within the suggestive setting of the historic center of Cammaratese.


In the days ranging from 22 to 31 July, the program will be full of events aimed at satisfying everyone's tastes: interviews, tastings, art exhibitions, book presentations and much more.
Come and visit us!

Una montagna di eccellenze

Cammarata Culture Week 22 - 31 July 2022

talenti in luce



Photography is the guardian of moments in which a story sometimes echoes. Photographers of all times and places have been able to capture life and the reflection of society and of themselves in a fragment of light and glances.

The Municipality of Cammarata proposes the contest photo "Talenti in Luce"   to spread and promote the culture of photography as an art form and promote new emerging talents in the area.

The competition will be entirely a free theme: the artist must be free to express himself and to represent the world around him through the shot.

To evaluate the works an exceptional jury composed of three different and complementary artists: Nicola Calì, for the freedom of expression that his shots represent; Ferdinando Cioffi, for his experience in portraits and the use of light; Giuseppe Solazzo, for his use of different photographic techniques for nature and landscapes.

Download the  announcement of the competition  and follow the instructions to participate by sending the chosen material to the email_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58905d_concors @cc781905- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_in the procedures provided for in the announcement! You have time until 12: 00 of July 14, 2022!

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