Cammarata & S.S. Gemini, more community than ever!

Well yes. Here we are, "a mountain of excellence" is renewed, not only graphically, the site was already "responsive" (adaptable to any device) for some time, the continuous success of the portal for several years now, we now reach over 800 weekly visits that it always makes us "number one" thanks also to our social pages where we are very active, having over 11,000 followers who follow us passionately, thus creating the real promotion of the territory made with passion by making Cammarata and San Giovanni Gemini known to the whole world . From now on, made even more "user friendly" by finally adding the "professional" part, we can say that a 2.0 version fits all.

The project was planned as early as 2020 but as we all know, we too have been blocked for over a year due to the pandemic, especially in our sector. But now let's aim further, let's face 2022 which, we hope will be the year of true rebirth and the

re-habituation to normal.

Here we list the news of the site:

Light restyling

We made it less edgy, rounding all the shapes a bit and making different contents in a "dynamic" way.

Improved search

We have also revisited the search sections to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Entry of activities

We are expanding the whole database by inserting all the activities of both countries (completely free) for those who want to enter alone Find out here

Forum posting

Very useful for those intent on visiting us, asking directly to users on site, but not only, we have entered different categories to be able to discuss everything about Cammarata and San Giovanni Gemini. Find out here

Custom profile pages

A real "members area" has been created for those who subscribe to the community with the possibility of receiving quality badges, having the ability to customize their profile, follow other users to make purchases, managing everything independently.

Multimedia gallery

Our multimedia gallery has been improved and expanded, making it increasingly user friendly, giving the possibility to upload content directly to the site.

Festivals, traditions and events in evidence

We have created a special gallery in the respective sections with the posters of the events, so as to promptly give updates to the user who visits also using the blog.

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The menu

It has been fixed and improved making it much easier to "tap" with your finger especially in the cabinet.

English language

We have finally managed to make it bilingual so as to be even more attractive for possible international visitors that the pandemic has stopped in these 2 years. But we are confident for a very bright future. Still processing for corrections etc., but already usable.

Page book tourist services

The page for tourist packages (with license) branded "Alba incoming Sicily DMC" has been added at super affordable prices, easy to understand, with immediate confirmation of the purchase of vouchers for any need, which will gradually be expanded with important collaborations. Find out here

Shop page of excellence (not yet ready but will be online soon)

It is not the usual online shop of Sicilian products as we have now seen everywhere in recent years, but rather we only have a choice of excellences from our home, which goes far beyond the "food" but let yourself be amazed. Find out here

Gift Cards

Insert the fabulous "vouchers" to be able to give or why not, enjoy them for yourself by taking advantage of special discounts and much more Discover them here

There are still some projects in progress that we will reveal to you as you go, continue to follow us and share us. Happy surfing on the new

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