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Una montagna di eccellenze
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The concept

It was born in promoting Cammarata and San Giovanni Gemini, two countries that, over the years, have grown exponentially offering various alternatives for those who come to visit them.

In addition to the fame acquired in eating well, in the various restaurants in the area, and with high quality products, it also boasts the nightlife of a big city, there is no shortage of healthy shopping opportunities and a wide range of recreational and accommodation activities.

We have international excellence in all business sectors. But the most representative and flagship farms of Cammarata and San Giovanni Gemini are mainly the farms, wineries, dairy and livestock farms, thanks to the excellent local productions.

Our intent is to make known to a wider public the potential that these two municipalities of the Sicilian hinterland have, we believe in it.

Tourism project

Tourism in Cammarata and San Giovanni Gemini? It already exists. And it is possible to upgrade it  benefiting the whole community, it is enough to make our know-how available to entice and convince visitors about quality, in any field,  promoted  from the two municipalities. We, as a company, ( discover us )  we operate  in the tourism field for over 30 years and we manage to bring a lot of visitors  foreigners (over 2000 per year)  and to do  get to know Cammarata and San Giovanni Gemini internationally. 

The pandemic  - due to the spread of Covid-19 - is revolutionizing the concept of tourism on a global level, for this reason we can no longer afford to waste resources, but we are determined to increase even more the number of presences in our territories by presenting them to a market  wider since the demand on villages and small realities like ours are increasing more and more.

Our goal

It is the real tourism promotion (and we have always done it) but the ultimate goal is to increase it by networking between Cammaratesi and Sangiovannesi; the basic concept we want to pursue is “UNION MAKES STRENGTH”. We are aware that the road is all uphill, but we intend to make our fellow citizens understand that only with teamwork is it possible to achieve great results. Both countries attract the so-called “tourist  out of town ", in fact, from different areas of Sicily they come to visit us for the naturalistic beauties, the excellent local products and, as already mentioned above, for the fine gastronomy at really competitive prices but it is not enough, to make us even more attractive to visitors eyes we can do better,  even with little. 

Small tricks are enough such as keeping the door of the house and the adjoining sidewalk clean, perhaps embellishing your balcony or in front of the house by adding some plants or decorative objects.  Clean streets are synonymous with a great civic education on the part of the citizen, so it is important that everyone does their part starting from not  throwing garbage on the ground, especially on our beloved mountain, which is a common good. Together we can do a lot.   




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