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Una montagna di eccellenze

Antica Pizzeria Santa Lucia

Antica Pizzeria Santa Lucia
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La tua pizza di qualità a Cammarata, si trova nel quartiere Santa Maria, ampia possibilità di parcheggio proprio sulla strada davanti al locale.

Via Santa Lucia, 53, 92022 Cammarata AG, Italia

Tel.: 0922 909 345

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Antica Pizzeria Santa Lucia

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Il posto ideale per gustarsi le pizze fatte per bene oltre 

100 gusti di pizze anche senza glutine, antipasti sfiziosi e un menu di hamburger particolari, per gli amanti del piccante, l'antica pizzeria Santa lucia ha un menù apposito.

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San Giovanni Gemini and Cammarata

There are various activities that can be carried out in our municipalities, dozens of restaurants that deal with the products of the Sicani mountains, guaranteeing very high quality at an excellent price, moreover, many places where you can stay among hotels, farmhouses, B&B and holiday homes.
Huge choice of  Shops, night clubs  available in the heart of the city, as well as the beauty of the territory itself with its majestic Mount Cammarata which dominates sovereign.


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Information:  92022 Cammarata, Agrigento, Italy.

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