Cammarata -San Giovanni Gemini

Your next destination in Sicily in the Sicani mountains

Una montagna di eccellenze

The castle, the convent and the churches.

The Cammarata matrix


The matrix of San G. Gemini

San Giovanni Gemini

The castle of Cammarata


Madonna del Carmelo Church

San Giovanni Gemini

S. Domenica Church (Badia)


The Capuchin convent

San Giovanni Gemini

Church of San Sebastiano


Madonna di Fatima Church

San Giovanni Gemini

Church of San Domenico


Church of Santa Lucia

San Giovanni Gemini

Church of SS Maria di Gesù


Church of the Annunziata


San Vito Martire Church


Madonna dell'indirizzo church


Church of Santa Caterina


Madonna del Barone Church


B.M.V. Immacolata Church


San Biagio Church


Cultua a Cammarata e San Giovanni Gemini


History, churches, monuments and famous people of Cammarata and San Giovanni Gemini

A great story to tell

Moments, stairways and chapels

Stairway Gesù Nazarè

San Giovanni Gemini

Don pino Puglisi monument


Monument of the immaculate

San Giovanni Gemini

Ecce homo

San Giovanni Gemini

Passage to the new millennium

San Giovanni Gemini

War Memorial

San Giovanni Gemini

Monument of San Pio


Famous characters

Mons.Dominic De Gregorio


Giovanni Philippone

San Giovanni Gemini

Don Michele Martorana

San Giovanni Gemini

Photo gallery

Both countries

Sections of Magna via Francigena

magna via francigena

For fans of the "Magna Via Francigena" it is an opportunity not to be missed by discovering the area on foot, discover the dedicated page ... 

Presepe vivente di Cammarata

2 major events  among the most beautiful in Sicily.

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santa rosalia chiesa barone

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Poets, writers and artists of various kinds.

Irene Catarella

Cammarata - SG Gemini

aziende e professionisti

Our best companies

Scopri tutte le aziende e i professionisti di Cammarata e San Giovanni Gemini

Discover with us the whole territory of the Sicani mountains

Andromeda theater

Santo Stefano Quisquina

Hermitage S. Rosalia

Santo S.Quisquina

Manfredonico Castle


Old Town

Castronovo of Sicily

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