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Cammarata -San Giovanni Gemini

Your next destination in Sicily in the Sicani mountains

Una montagna di eccellenze


St. John Gemini 

What to see and what to do a
Cammarata and San Giovanni Gemini

A mountain of excellence

waiting for you

Cammarata and San Giovanni Gemini, the flagship among the Sicani mountains,

we tell you about them together

Natura  a Cammarata

Let's start with Nature

The Monte Cammarata Nature Reserve is an ideal place for those who want to enjoy nature, go hiking and admire breathtaking views. Situated at an altitude of 1578 metres, it offers spectacular views of the Sicilian coast and Mount Etna. For picnic lovers, the Savochello equipped area is the ideal place to enjoy an outdoor lunch surrounded by nature. For hiking enthusiasts, the Reserve offers many paths to follow, including the Portella della Venere path which offers a breathtaking view and is not so difficult to follow, even if the most beautiful is the Pizzo delle Rondini, however suitable for those who craving for adventure.
For those seeking some rest, thefirst refugeat an altitude of 1250 meters it offers real restaurant options, as well as a small playground and other paths that can be undertaken right from the parking lot. The Reserve is also home to a wide variety of fauna including foxes, wild rabbits, hares, weasels, porcupines, hedgehogs and garden oaks. The flora of the reserve includes an ancient oak grove with specimens of holm oak and downy oak, mixed with carob and other reforestation species such as cedars, cypresses, pines and maples. On the top parts the euphorbias and the southern rowan dominate. Furthermore, the Reserve is home to numerous endemic species such as the Sicilian dandelion. The Monte Cammarata Nature Reserve offers a unique experience for nature and hiking lovers. If you want, we have created the page with all the details, if you are enthusiasts of nature we recommend that you read more by following the link below

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