Cammarata -San Giovanni Gemini

Your next destination in Sicily in the Sicani mountains

Una montagna di eccellenze
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San Giovanni Gemini

The beating heart in the Sicani mountains.

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Inhabitants as of 11/30/2016  8023

Capital Agrigento


Agrigento: Km. 50  -

Palermo: Km. 90 - Punta Raisi Airport: Km. 130

Average height 7670 meters above sea level - Height of Monte Cammarata 1578 m. above sea level.
Coordinates 37 ° 37′45 ″ N  13 ° 38′30 ″ E

San Giovanni Gemini is a town in the province of Agrigento and rises to 670 meters. above sea level, near Monte Cammarata. Incorporated in the territory of Cammarata, it originates in 1451, the year in which Federico Abatellis, count of Cammarata, obtained from King Ferdinand the privilege of building (jus aedificandi) in his fiefs. In 1507 the  licentia populandi  that the Counts exercised in a flat place near Cammarata, beyond the Turibolo river. The town has developed over the years becoming the flagship in the commercial and hospitality field, offering visitors a wide choice of activities and services.

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