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Una montagna di eccellenze
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The heart of the mountain

stemma cammarata

Inhabitants as of 11/30/2016 6286

Capital Agrigento


Agrigento: Km. 50  -

Palermo: Km. 90 - Punta Raisi Airport: Km. 130

Average height 700 above sea level - Height of Monte Cammarata 1578 m. above sea level.

Coordinates: 7 ° 37′52 ″ N  13 ° 37′56 ″ E

Cammarata has preserved the urban layout of the medieval village. It is rich in religious architecture and, among the works of art kept in these churches, some have not only historical but also artistic value. The territory of Cammarata, thanks to its fertile lands, has always been naturally predisposed to agricultural activities and that of sheep and cattle breeding.

And walking along those ancient streets, among the huts, in addition to breathing that healthy mountain air it is probable that the smell of broom or jasmine pervades them, or from open windows, in good weather, it will be the smell of good food and to remain suspended in an timelessness that gently whispers the history of this mountain village.

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Let's talk about our section of the Italian federation of women arts professions business. The Federation with the aim of promoting, coordinating and supporting the initiatives of women who work in the field of Arts, Professions and Business, independently or in collaboration with other Bodies, Associations and other subjects.


SG Gemini Cammarata Section

Since 2015 the  the municipal council of Cammarata approved the regulation for the  redevelopment and reuse of buildings  in a state of neglect, through the free transfer to third parties for tourist-accommodation, commercial or residential purposes.


One euro houses in Cammarata

The educational project "The rediscovered garden" is a multi-year project of the Comprensivo institute  John XXIII  by Cammarata.  It was born from the curiosity to know what was behind those high stone walls on the outskirts of the town ...


"The rediscovered garden" project

The historical group established in 2018 that wants to contribute to spreading the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of Sicily ....

The historical group Branciforti - Abatellis

Counts of Cammarata


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