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In the agricultural sector we aim very high 

The agricultural and livestock sector in San Giovanni Gemini and Cammarata,  boast a centuries-old tradition in the production of beef, sheep and goat meat. Thanks to the territory naturally predisposed to these activities, it allows the animals to graze in organically cultivated land, with pastures rich in plants and aromatic herbs, and at the same time to produce a very sweet milk and rare cheeses, now flagship among the cheeses in Sicily.
This method is not only valid for cattle,  but also for sheep and goats; in fact goats and milk lambs (6-10 kg) are highly sought after and appreciated especially during Christmas and Easter. But there is also the production of light (20-25 kg) and heavy (25-35 kg) lambs.
In recent years, numerous farms and livestock farms have been transformed into dairies in line with new technologies in compliance with health and hygiene and community standards, while maintaining the particularity and genuineness of the products to better meet the needs of the market. 

caciocavallo cammarata
The classic that enchants everyone

Caciocavallo and provola
Spun curd cheese produced exclusively with whole cow's milk, coming from local farms, with animals fed on pasture. The production is distinguished in parallelepiped-shaped caciocavallo and pear-shaped provolone.
This form, both for table and grating, has a more or less spicy flavor depending on the degree of seasoning. The paste is compact and straw yellow in color. Table cheese with a weight ranging from 900 to 1000 grams, it has a thin, smooth and amber-colored rind. Both are used in different dishes of traditional Sicilian cuisine.

formaggi ainuzzi cammarata
formaggi ainuzzi cammarata


Typical cheese that came out on religious holidays such as Corpus Domini. On that occasion, the brotherhoods carried their patron saint in procession and the decorations with the Ainuzzi were wasted. The cheese at the end of the celebrations was distributed to the poor and the faithful to be consumed.

What are:

They are figurative caci whose name probably derives from "fallow deer" as they had a similar shape or from the Greek aix aiggos which means goat.
Small stretched curd cheeses made with bovine milk in the shape of deer, fallow deer, goats, etc., with a thin straw yellow colored rind with a soft and compact consistency, weighing about 100-200 grams.

How are they made:

The milk from two consecutive milks is heated to a temperature of 37 ° and added with lamb rennet. The rennet curd undergoes a break with the “rotula”, a typical wooden tool, the size of a grain of corn. Hot water at 65-70 ° is added to the boiler, then the paste remains under the whey. When the temperature drops to 30 °, it is extracted and placed on sink tables, covered with sheets, where it remains for 24 hours. At the end of the acidification phase, the dough is spun and formed. Salting in brine.

ainuzzi produzione

The specialties blend with the art

-The Ainuzzi-

caseificio mangiapane cammarata

Best in Sicily

We are talking about the Mangiapane dairy, winner of the "Best in Sicily 2015" for being indicated as  best cheese producer in Sicily. The prize conceived by the editorial staff of  Chronicles of Taste  it is awarded to the fine food and wine specialties of Sicily and to its best protagonists. The Oscar for this eighth edition is won by the products of the dairy company of the Sicani Mountains which for years has been dedicated to cattle and sheep breeding and to the production of cow cheeses. Especially well known is the caciocavallo prepared only with milk from  Modicane cows, the best that can be found together with fresh or seasoned caciotta and the particular ricotta.

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